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I spend a lot of time crawling the Internet for information and come across many useful websites that I feel will benifit other webmasters.

This certainly isnt the final list, I will be adding to this list as and when I need to so please check back for updated links.

If you have any useful links you feel should be on this list please post a comment at the bottom and I’ll look at adding it.

Search Engine Optimisation

Googles YouTube Webmaster Channel – Google‘s SEO guru Matt Cutts answering questions from people the world over. It’s good to see advise from a Google perspective.

Web Design Blogs

Smashing Magazine – The first website I check each morning. Discussing a range of topics within the website design field. Excellent website.

Specky Boy – Another very good website design blog. With weekly website design inspirations.

CSS Tricks – Created by the talented Chris Coyier. Relating to all things CSS.

Line 25 – One of the latest blogs I’ve discovered. I especially like his “Sites of the Week” posts.

Web Design Ledger - Another regularly updated web design blog, includes some very nice posts about photography as well as all the usual website design posts. – A very talented web designer from Los Angeles, USA.

Website Tutorials

Tutorialzine - Very useful website showing how to create a variety of beautifully designed scripts. Focusing mainly on jQuery and Ajax.

Nettuts – More advanced posts raised on this website. Looking a lot at higher level programming techniques.


WP Hacks – Plenty of information about WordPress including some very useful hacks.

Pimp My WordPress – Another website with a lot of WordPress information.

About James

Hello there, I'm James. I studied Multimedia Design at university. I'm a designer at heart, though I love developing innovative and exciting solutions to web based products.I now specialise in front end web design and bespoke Wordpress powered websites.

5 Responses to Useful Links for Webmasters

  1. Daniel Piechnick says:

    15:37 24/06/2010

    Hi :)

    Can you have a look at my site, and consider it for your linkworthiness?

    Thanks :)

  2. John Asbury says:

    13:37 01/07/2010

    interesting site, great links for developers, thanks!

    John asbury
    Website Facility

  3. NPN Transistor : says:

    17:49 25/10/2010

    webmasters are great in multi-tasking, i myself is a webmaster too and i usually do alot to manage several webpages“`

  4. Linda says:

    18:52 22/03/2011

    Smashing magazine is my favorite too. You should add PSDtuts etc too here.


  5. Kittie says:

    06:21 30/04/2011

    good link shares..

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