Why Every Website Needs A Great 404 Page.

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404 Pages are often easily ignored in web design and are usually last on our list of things to do. This leads to so many looking so bland and boring. Everyone at some point in their web browsing experience will come across an Error 404 because of a bad link or a miss-typed URL. Many designers forget about their 404 page but occasionally you will come across a customised style which is far more interesting and professional.

Why Bother with a Customised 404 Page?

Most users on the internet have no idea what a 404 error is. 404 pages which have no design can mislead the user to think your website doesn’t exist and in several cases they will navigate elsewhere. Having a interesting, informing and fun 404 page keeps your viewer interested and leads them on to the rest of your site.

What to Include?

First and foremost, you need to make it clear to the user that the page they have tried to visit doesn’t`exist. An explanation and a link back to your site should be clear enough. It should also follow the style and design of the rest of your website so the user doesn’t get confused. If you would like more information on 404 pages you can visit Google Webmasters guidelines here. There is also a small but impressive selection of 404 pages found on Pattern Tap


There is a large selection of 404 Error pages available to view online. I’ve grouped together a small selection of designs which are full of creativity for you to view.

The Wall


Daily Mile

Marketing Virtuel



Vegaz Vegaz

XHTML Kitchen

Stick With Me Baby


Fun, witty, inspirational and informative 404 pages are a brilliant alternative to the norm. Whatever style you choose to go with, never settle for the default and have fun!

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