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this site has been created for personal use only - please do not sell on this template it has been created by tri-star web design free of charge.

please note: as this is a free template the only thing i ask in return is you leave the bottom link to tri-star web design as it is, anything else you can chop and change to your hearts content. thank you for downloading this template, i hope it comes in handy.

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tri-star web design is devoted to helping you/your company maximise its potential through the internet. are you after web presence at an affordable price? is your current website not generating the interest you think it deserves? tri-star web design can design or help in the development of a new website, giving potential customers a true impression of your business. as i am a freelance web designer i can focus my full attention on each customer to giving that personal touch that i believe is so important.


i work with clients in the derby (derbyshire), nottingham (nottinghamshire), leicester (leicestershire) and throughout the united kingdom. if you are from outside the uk please feel free to get in touch for a quote as i am more than happy to expand my services beyond the uk.for a one-off fee with no hidden charges, i can design you a website to your exact specifications. just tell me what you want to say to your customers, send any pictures you would like to show them, and i will turn this basic information into a sleek professional yet effective website.

i don't only deal with businesses, maybe your after a website for a hobby? or a family website? whatever it is you are after i can help you.