10 Interesting Footers in Website Design

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It is important within web design to ensure the user maintains focus whilst viewing the whole of a web page. You do not want someone to lose interest as they move from the header downwards.

As it is the last thing people will see, the footer is a good place to put useful things which you may want people to remember. This could include a phone number or other contact information, links to other sites, and a site map.

Some people however like to get a bit more creative with the way they display this information. Below I have listed 10 sites with examples of interesting footers, be it through an exciting design or just what information is featured within them.

Design Bombs

Design Bombs footer is great simply from a design point of view. It features a great little illustration which really helps finish off the page nicely.

Sam Rayner

Sam Rayner’s site has a nice interesting footer. I really like the brush stroke effect at the top and the use of thumbnail imagery brings in some nice call to actions which will help keep the users attention.


Vimeo features one of the best footers from the design side. It really finishes off the page nicely with a large illustration which changes from time to time.

Florida Flourish

Florida Flourish is a brilliantly designed site which features a very large footer which is made to look as if it is underground. Its a great concept and a large amount of space is filled effectively with the latest news and other interesting articles.


Freelenz has a nice simple footer which contains great content for a blog site. There are links to the recent entries and also recent comments. As well as 3 most recent photos being pulled in from flickr. It is also nicely designed which is a bonus!

Poogans Porch

This is a really nice and simple but well designed site. It is a small site but contains all the information a potential customer could want. The footer features lots of useful information including a site map, opening hours, the address, and a phone number.


Insite is another example of a site incorporating important information in the footer. This includes contact details, as well as links to the company on social networks. A flickr photo stream is also present.

Soho Fixed

Soho Fixed is a really bold site with great imagery. The footer contains a nice image of a road with navigation links above it. These links have a great jQuery effect on hover. There is also a newsletter sign up and social links.

El Passion

I really love this site. It’s a great design and the footer is beautifully simple. Right at the bottom is a site map with important links and just above that is a nice and simple but well designed contact form.

GLG London

GLG London is a site which features great illustration and this theme is extended into the footer. It has a really nice newsletter sign up form as well as jQuery tabs featuring the latest Tweet and a Facebook ‘Like’ button.

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  1. 57 Degrees North says:

    16:28 20/01/2012

    Vimeo gets my vote as winner – so unique and quirky, design bombs 2nd

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