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Well, we’ve done it.

Our new website has been launched! There is so much to explore.

Website Builder

We now offer a brilliant Web Builder service – allowing you to choose templates, keep costs down, and still receive our great quality of design and development.

Be sure to take a look at it, and keep checking back – we will regularly update the templates available.

Free Website Templates

We have always offered free web design templates to the internet community – but now they are better organised, allowing live previews and quick downloads.

Be sure to put in some requests for new template ideas and designs.

The Web Design Blog

The blog has been completely re-designed – offering an easy to read and well structured archive of information. Subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up to date with our latest posts. We will blogging about WordPress tips, general HTML tips, inspiration, free templates and much more.

Still to come

Be sure to keep checking back to our new site. In the future we hope to offer an array of free and premium templates for WordPress and Magento – until then, do not hesitate to contact us about our bespoke web design services.

Come Back Soon

We hope you enjoy the new website, and hope to see you guys leaving comments on the blog! Keep in touch.

About Gav Hoffman

Hi, I'm Gav and I try to make sure I am living life as much as possible and loving every minute of it. Designing and developing on a daily basis And lover of all things creative.

8 Responses to The New Tristar Web Design

  1. Michaele says:

    20:23 27/01/2011

    hi there, excellent blog, and a great understand! one for my bookmarks.

  2. James says:

    20:25 27/01/2011

    Thanks, Michaele – we’re really pleased with the new design. Keep checking back for more web design and development tips!

  3. Nancy Paul says:

    09:59 28/01/2011

    Nice Blog. Web Designers can benefit from knowledge and skills in many areas .

  4. Derrick says:

    15:07 28/01/2011

    Ideal information, We are browsing back again persistently to find updates.

  5. Angelina says:

    01:40 12/03/2011

    Hi James,

    Your website looks amazing and I’m glad that most of the people have liked the design. Best of luck for your business!


  6. canvas prints says:

    08:29 25/05/2011

    Really great re-design, very nice and fresh. Also loving the colours used!!

  7. Dennis Gentry says:

    09:12 24/01/2012

    Hey that was really needful. Thanks for sharing. I’ll surely be looking for more.

  8. Dennis Gentry says:

    09:23 24/01/2012

    Hey that is a good post & a good set of coversations too. Keep sharing, that is good…

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