5 of the Best App Website Designs

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With the recent rise in smart phone users there has been a huge rise in the popularity of applications for those phones. Each individual app needs marketing and a nice website design is a good way of spreading the word.

There are many similarities between almost all of the app web designs around at the moment. As you would expect they all feature high quality images of a device and the interface of their app. Things that set certain apps apart from others can include high quality vector illustrations and interesting layouts.

I am going to outline five of my favourite application web designs and why I like them.


The Path website is a very simple design and features a full screen video of someone using the app. I have chosen it in my top five because the app itself is probably the best designed app I have ever used. It has been specifically designed for mobile and this has really boosted the user experience.

The app had a recent update which was met with great reviews amongst its users. It’s just a shame that more people don’t use it.


Spoonjuice are a company who create apps for all different platforms. There website is very well designed with a great use of colour. My favourite part of the site is the main navigation. It is laid out in an accordion where each section represents a platform they create apps for. You can then scroll between these and each app is marked by its icon.

It also features a nice slideshow featuring high quality imagery and vectors. This site is really brought to life by the small details, such as the slideshow being slightly inset and the subtle box around the latest tweet making it look like a speech bubble.

Tea Round App

Tea Round is a classically designed app site. It features nice imagery of the app itself working on an iPhone. There are also some really nice vector drawings such as a tea pot. There is also a great background and well laid out typography.

Once again there are small details which really bring the site to life – when you hover over the tea cup used as the ‘o’ in the logo it rotates. There is also a clear link showing where to download the app which is always nice.

Old Booth

Old Booth has a great design which is really set off by its great use of typography, it is consistent throughout the page and really fits in with the theme of the app.

Once again it features a slideshow of images showing the app working on a phone, this helps to sell the product and lets users see how it works. There are also smaller features such as a jQuery content slider which break up the site meaning there aren’t huge blocks of content.


On this occasion I have saved the best ’til last, or at least my favourite. Panelfly is a “Digital Comic Experience” and its website is wonderfully designed. The large high resolution imagery at the top and throughout the content is complemented well with a great use of white space. Content is split up very well into smaller, more manageable chunks and smooth jQuery content sliders help to break up the text.


Like I said, these are just my favourite app website designs at the moment and there are thousands out there with some great layouts. What are your favourites?

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