404 Pages are often easily ignored in web design and are usually last on our list of things to do. This leads to so many looking so bland and boring. Everyone at some point in their web browsing experience will … Continue reading

Web typography tips

So typography isn’t as important as the layout, theme and styling of your website..? Wrong! Just like print, typography is an integral part of any website design, from the big typography which has been a predominant focus on many sites … Continue reading


These days, we spend so much time looking at online web resources, we sometimes overlook some of the more practical design events that showcase, often many being nearer to home than you may think. This is why these events are … Continue reading


Many web designers who are new to the industry often ask exactly where the money can be made. If you’re looking to make a living from web design after finishing university, or maybe moving into the industry from a different … Continue reading


Afternoon all, Today I thought I’d demonstrate an awesome little jQuery technique that has gained a lot of popularity over the last year or so. We’ll essentially be getting a block hyperlink to fade in gracefully over an image. By … Continue reading