Update (6.6.11): Google have gone back to using the old icons again (!!). This post should still be useful to people, as all the old icons are listed towards the end of it. Also, it still lists all the possible … Continue reading

Magento Invoice After

Many of you Magento web developers out there may know – the PDF invoice template in Magento is reasonably hideous to look at. I’ve taken it upon myself to create a much nicer version of it, which I have used … Continue reading


I was doing a web design project earlier that required me to work on the live domain. I didn’t want any visitors to see what I was doing, so I set up a temporary blog at All I needed … Continue reading


I was trying to access PHPmyadmin via my cPanel earlier for one of my web design projects, and came across the following error: #1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server. I was baffled. It turns out the solution was … Continue reading


Earlier today, a web design colleague and I came across a problem with our strpos function in PHP. Take the following situation for example: <?php $string = "abcdefgh"; $find = "abcd"; $strpos = strpos($string, $find); if($strpos) { echo "Found it!"; … Continue reading