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Coming soon pages are often neglected on websites which have not yet been launched. This page could be a good way to drum up anticipation for your business and also make people more aware of your brand and what your all about, (and gives us designers an opportunity to go all out with our web design!).

You want to keep the page simple and effective, don’t spend too much time on adding too much information (you could have built half the site in the time you spend doing that!). If your not sure on how much or even what to put on your coming soon page I’ve put together a small list of things you could include…

Show them who you are

Branding is key at this stage, you want to establish your business and make it more recognisable, so when you do launch your site people will recognise who you are. This doesn’t necessarily mean smack a humungous logo on the page and be done with it, you could perhaps use elements from your upcoming site on the coming soon page…I’ve seen sites such as Silverback which have used caricatures on the coming soon page which adds a nice little touch.

A bit about who you are…(just a bit!)

Give the viewer a brief overview of who the company is and what they offer. Give some indication of what services you will be offering and that it is something they may be interested in. Make it witty and slightly vague it adds to the intrigue!

Make them want more!

Once you’ve grabbed their attention and got their anticipation building offer them some sort of incentive to come back to the site. This could be in the means of discounts on services you’re providing or a freebie of some kind. If this isn’t an option simply provide a “sign up” area, allowing people to receive updates and newsletters for when you launch your website.

By not having a coming soon page and opting for the standard hosting company holding page your showing any potential customer that you’re not offering anything worth while. Build excitement and set the tone for your business this will lead to more clients and interest.

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Silverback App



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